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"Home" Project by Mr Gaybird Leung

A very meaning an challenging project in Adelaide, Australia.
Initiated by OzAsia Festival X University of Adelaide, Mr. Gaybird Leung, a renowned composer and media artist in Hong Kong created the artwork Home to be exhibited in Adelaide.
I was invited to collaborate with him on executing the artwork including the use of space, materials testing and supervising the on-site installation.

It was really challenging as most of the components were built in Zhuhai, China.
due to typhoon Hato, the pier was smashed in Zhuhai that there was no ferry to travel from Hong Kong to Zhuhai.
Therefore, i needed to travel to Zhuhai via Macao that was spent about 6-7 hours in commuting.

Luckily, with the help of the production crew, we had settled the issue and sent everything to Adelaide and was able to exhibit on time!
It was really a memorable experience and i was very honored to be part of it.
Thanks for having me!!!

Organization | OzAsia Festival X University of Adelaide, Australia
Artist | Mr. Gaybird Leung
Production | ONEvent Productions

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