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City Dress Up

To celebrate the reunification of Hong Kong for 20 years, HK Government decided to renew the parks in Hong Kong by inviting
different architects and artists to design groups of chairs and benches and install into parks.

I was invited as an artists collaborating with Joyi Tsang and Cecelia Cheung to design and construct a group of benches in Jordan Valley Park, Kowloon.
This was a project that involveed different parties and full of challenges during the design process.

The project aimed to deconstruct the benches after three years. Yet, due to the positive comments from the community, the benches are decided to keep as long as they can.
and the project was invited to share with the students from Polytechnic University for academic purposes.

Organization | Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Thomas Chow Architect, ONEvent Productions
Venue | Jordan Valley Park

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