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TraviEE. the artish

"Being an Artish is a universal nationality. - TRAVIEE.

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Artist | Illustrator | Scenographer | Educator


Master of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Education in Arts

2023 Exhibition | 
International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture Prague Quadrennial | Prague

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Lisbon | Hong Kong


TRAVIEE has completed his studies and received a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He has expertise in lettering illustrations, graphic design, stage design and performing, art education etc. He relocates in Lisbon right now.

He collaborates with different brands and organizations including tertiary institutions and commercial brands etc. His past work was awarded the best graphic cover design at the Lenovo laptop computer competition and he also collaborated with different organizations (listed below). He has also previously partnered up with the 43rd Hong Kong Arts Festival Artists-in-residence Programme and the Art@School programme organized by Education University of Hong Kong and Po Leung Kuk to be a local artist representative. Recent clients included International Finance Center Hong Kong, Netvigator Imagine Natives MOOV Live, etc.


TRAVIEE teaches from kindergarten to tertiary levels e.g. BA, BFA, MFA.  He offers workshops for different organizations and renowned companies to do staff development training. 

He was invited by different organizations to do sharing and interview including Commercial Radio Hong Kong, deTour, TVB, Cable TV, RTHK, HKET, HK01, 100Most, Cup Magazine, etc..


" H A P P I N E S S   I S   T H E   K E Y . "

As a multidisciplinary artist specializing in digital art and acrylic, my work is a reflection of my desire to focus on happiness and self-growth. I believe that art can bring joy and humor into people's lives, and I strive to achieve that through a unique and playful approach to everyday subjects. My pieces are geared towards making people smile and bringing a lighthearted touch to their day, evoking a sense of positivity and delight in viewers.

Using bright colors, bold lettering, and pop art elements, I create a bright and cheerful atmosphere in my artwork. My pieces convey a message of positivity and perhaps a playful commentary on the subject matter. My motto, "Happiness is the key," serves as a reminder of my belief that happiness is the foundation of a fulfilling life. While some may consider positivity to be a cliché, I believe that true strength lies in maintaining a positive mindset even in the face of adversity. It is this unwavering positivity that has allowed me to thrive in challenging situations, 

Through my artwork, I aim to communicate a message of hope and positivity. I believe that happiness can be found in the smallest of things, and by capturing the vibrancy and joy of life, even in the midst of hardship, I hope to inspire others to find the same strength and positivity within themselves.


2023  Joint-exhibition | International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture Prague Quadrennial | Prague, Hong Kong

2019  Joint-exhibition | International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture Prague Quadrennial | Prague, Hong Kong
2016  Joint-exhibition | "Dialogue with Graffiti" | Amphitheatre, HKAPA, Hong Kong.

2015  Joint-exhibition | "香港本色" | JCCAC & Shatin, Hong Kong.

2007  Joint-exhibition | "出爐" | Cattle Depot Village, Hong Kong.


TRAVIEE collaborates with different brands throughout the years. Here are some significant organizations.

(Including educational projects and workshops, design and art activities etc..)

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Blu has a pair of very beautiful blue eyes.  He is very energetic since i have adopted.  He keeps meowing for food anytime and he jumps everywhere and breaks everything at home.  He is very curious, sometimes naughty.

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I admit that i love Gray the most as she is the very first cat that i adopted.  She is very elegant and a professional social butterfly.  Every friend of mine loves her very much and is definitely qualified as a "pet".  She has a perfect camera face.

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Kim used to be a very shy kid, hiding from human beings. Now, he loves humans and purrs everyone he meets. He will say hi to you if you do the same to him. Miss you loads. hope you will watch over us in the heaven.

Well, if you are a cat lover, i have made a secret page for these lovely fluffy cats.
See if you can find the link! Have fun in Treasure Hunt! :)


Commissions and Collaborations are welcomed.

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